Aluminum Scrap

Insulated Copper Wire

The Most Enjoyable Adventure

The Most Enjoyable Adventure

We dispatch support equipment on site to handle scrap on a short notice


To emerge as an industry leader serving the State of Illinois and focus on service enhancements a Scrap Metal and Steel Service Center.


To serve clients globally and further expand our client base through our industry expertise and unwavering commitment to safety and quality.


We are committed to providing our employees a safe working environment and always ensure that we stay compliant with the safety standards defined by the scrap metal industry.


Implementing best management practices, following current industry standards and staying tuned with the markets is our forte. We are extremely respectful of our clients’ needs and time and always recommend innovative services to our suppliers and vendors.


Doing business with us guarantees a high level of both service and accountability. We strive to offer the best service, competitive prices for new steel and highest prices for scrap material.

Environmental Sustainability

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